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Let's Rock Music School is a modern (not classical) music school focusing on chords, scales, techniques and improvisation along with playing with other instruments while learning songs along the way.

At Let's Rock Music School we believe that music is for everyone. Studies show that learning music helps children with self-discipline, memory, and math. Music is a healthy way for kids to get release and express their emotions. It is also an opportunity for them to have success and showcase their individuality. Music is a stress relief for working adults and a way to keep the mind young for those who are retired.

Whether you have always wanted to play an instrument but never had the time, whether you have learned some music but want to continue to develop your skill, whether you want to master an instrument, or whether you want to give your kids the gift of music, we can help you achieve your goals. Benhur, our lead instructor, is a professional guitarist with years of experience as a performer and in leading and developing bands. He has taught all ages and levels of students and has taught his own children from little on to play music. Looking to start your (or your child's) journey into music? Looking to continue where you left off? Looking to take your music to the next level? Then Let's Rock Music School is for you!

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